Sunday, July 06, 2014

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Grey Owls baseball July 23
Grey Owls breakfast July 30

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43
Children's story Andrea: the enemy planted weeds. Hens and Chicks looks like a weed.
Some plants are good some are bad. Weeds are plants that steal moisture and sunlight. How do you get rid of them? pull them? You might destroy them? Why did Jesus tell this story? Teach us gardening? No. He told us about people. Sometimes people hurt us over and over. Do we want them to move away? Learn to love them. John 13:34
It's God's job to look after the weeds.

Dave Ens: soccer is violent. So is gardening. Hacking etc chemical warfare. Villagers use the gardening tools as weapons.
Jesus told parables to shock us in life.
Invasive Grace of God
We are shocked that the master says don't pull out the weeds. We don't always know what the weeds are. Collateral damage. Weed killer can kill flowers.
Do you trust God enough to let him do the weeding? We think we have to hack them out. No,  forgive them for being there. Trust me, Jesus said.
Mustard seed was seen as a weed. There was a law they passed prohibiting the planting of mustard in gardens.
The kingdom of heaven is like a weed? Unclean. Offensive.
The kingdom is where the king's will rules.
Not my will but Yours! I need to fit into God's story.
We build our sense of justice based on our perspective. God's perspective is so much bigger than ours. It can't be controlled. It grows. And grows. Jesus says I'm the judge. Leave it in God's hands. Rom 12:18-21
Do not think you have to be the judge. While we were still weeds Christ died for us. We didn't transplant ourselves. Gal 3:28 we are all one in Christ Jesus.
The son shines on everyone. God is the expert. He can turn the weeds into wheat. That's transformation! Leave it with him. Cover every weed with prayer.

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