Friday, August 15, 2014

Calvin Joel Dueck 1995 - 2014

Calvin was a strong swimmer having fun at Lake St Malo when he got caught by the weeds. He fought them but was unable to kick the weeds off his legs. Even though he was with a life guard and an off duty policeman, his short time on earth was over last Saturday at age 19.

Left to mourn are his parents,  one sister, 3 brothers and countless friends and relatives.

He loved sports and won a string of medals including MVP and the golden glove.

Larry Eidse devotional
Music song of hope
My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness
Mervin obituary
Born Jan 3, 95
Became a Christian at an early age. A gentleman. Bible student. Baseball and hockey player.
Thanks to the friends that tried to help him.

Brothers' tribute
Hard worker cared deeply. He led the team in prayer. He always wanted to help everyone. He was a born leader and a positive

Worked at Dueck's rafter shop. Cared about his brothers.

Cal supported all his brothers in sports. He'd be there for them. Training partner. miss you bro.

Larry Eidse
Spread the gospel and if necessary use words - that was Calvin

Calvin left an imprint. Strong work ethic. An example to all.

God is not a druggist but gives us himself and his love to be with us.

If you and I have accepted Christ as your Saviour you can rest in his comfort and peace.

Picture "Safe At Home" in the background of the memorial card. Calvin is now safe at home.

Open mic
Tyler Dueck manager of Valley Enterprise. Cal was the man who could be relied on. Did everything he was asked to do without complaining. Poem by Tyler's dad.

Music by local artist
"Enjoy This Moment"
We don't know how many moments we'll have.

9 friends
He had a very contagious laugh. He made others laugh getting them in trouble. He had more timeouts than classtime.
Watching Blue Jays baseball.
Beachtime was our last time together for a very long time.

Who do you play with? Calvin Dueck. Everyone knew him. This is Calvin Town. Looking forward to playing ball with him in heaven.

Cal was the perfect player, always the captain of the team. Playing fair. We'll miss him.

Stood behind him. Calvin took umpire clinic and worked with him.

Memory of being in the Skydome and watching practice when he caught a homerun. He still had all his teeth. He was smiling

Cam Cornelsen was his coach for a while. Got to the finals. Going for provincial title. Calvin had that winner's smile at half time. He led the team and they had 3 - 0 lead to win the championship.

Youth leader
Talented humble strong funny determined caring

AWANA ring leader but serious Bible student.
He'll be missed.

Larry. Daughter had been visiting the bank teller. Her son had been blessed by Calvin.

Lord may you sustain the family.

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