Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weird Animals

Weird Animals vacation Bible school starts today at

Interview Amanda Dacombe,  a nurse. She tries to let people see her as a beacon of light in the cardiac department. When prompted by God she shares her care, planting seeds and listening.

The Hidden Treasure
What are our treasures? House, car, jewelry, money, traditions?

Jesus came to tear down the wall of separation.
Jesus is the treasure
Treasure that is what you are Jesus you're my shining star nothing else compares to you Jesus I will treasure you. You are my treasure Lord. I will treasure you!

Pastor Del:
Our needs are so different. Thousands or hundreds of dollars. Is it worth it? We have different values. Do I want it or really need it?

In grade 5 I wanted a donkey. It was free! Very disappointed when he couldn't get it.

Is it worth it?
The game of worth risk reward happens every day. Father was a soldier hoping for liberation. When the allies came they were happy to surrender.

Jesus wanted us to know that there is a cost to follow him. To be his disciple we must carry the cross. Luke 14

Matthew 13 the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure. Legal property? The Jewish law says finders keepers. Roman law says owners own. So he needed to buy the property. The treasurer is hidden in plain sight. Difficult to find because we are born blind. Jesus needs to open our eyes to see.

If all you want is something that's "good for me" you'll never find the hidden treasure.

The man was working the land digging deep enough to find the treasure. Everyday work. Christ is there. Right in front of you. Wherever you are.

Brother Lawrence wrote the practice of the presence of God.

Ancient words ever true

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