Sunday, September 07, 2014

Essential by design. God's

Del Enns pastor
Excitement confusion happens in life. Health challenges family uncertainty.
Unleashed the book Perry wrote.
Sometimes we get stuck in life. Waiting for someone to notice us. God what's for me? Following Jesus one step at a time.
One day Jesus walked along the shore and called his disciples: Follow me!
He calls us to action. Put down your fishing net.
We want to know what the end steps are. Some of us become complacent.
Romans oh how great are God's riches
It's not about me. There is a next step for you. A divine creator purpose. Touch someone. Elisha is the colour orange lived on conviction.

Ahab Jezebell Elijah

God called Elijah to anoint Elisha. He was plowing with 1 of 12 yoke of oxen in the field.
After the fire on the alter Elijah is stuck in depression. He wants to quit.
Take courage with the next step. Surrender your pet peeves. Let God speak to you in the gentle whispers.

Wear the Orange Wave
Take account of your life
Face the consequences
Take action
Move upward and onwards
Jesus must become greater and I must become less and less.
7 week journey on the Orange Wave. Wear Orange next Sunday!

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