Sunday, April 12, 2015

Seeing Jesus

Dave Ens
What happens after Easter? Go back to fishing and Jesus makes breakfast.
Spirituality happens anywhere. We are trained to separate our faith from everyday work.

God doesn't see it that way. God loves the world as it is. Everyone is invited. Jesus goes through the Scriptures to explain that what happened was what was foretold. What exactly did he tell them?

This series will explore what he might have said.

Creation. Helps us to see Jesus. Can we wonder at creation? Do we notice how nice it is? Or do we complain about having to clean up all the leaves in the fall?
Do we have the wonder of a child.
Gnosticism removes wonder from human experience and relegates faith to the divine. Some people rewrote the gospels. The world is ugly and the divine metaphysical world is what the best mystics would like to achieve.

Genesis 1. In the beginning God. God creates. The Hebrew word makes it clear that this kind of creation is only possible by God.
He created and said it is good.

This was recorded as a permanent record in 6 th century B.C.? During the Babylonian exile? The Hebrews were being uncreated and wanted to record the oral traditions associated with earth creation.

John 1 in the beginning was Jesus. He was born into our world to help us to know what it means to be created. To know what creation means we need to look at Jesus. God made all the creatures.

Created out of nothing. Jesus was there. He looks at the world with wonder. He says as the father sent me I send you. We now become participants in creation when we see the wonders God created.

Alexander was born in a crowded room and everyone was explaining everything and one student stood against the wall white as a sheet in wonder at what just happened.

Look at this world and be filled with matchless wonder and then see Jesus.

Anything is possible with God.

You reached beyond imagination with love. Wonderful intimate God of love you have always been faithful in the way that you father me.

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