Sunday, May 17, 2015

All Peoples Church Falcon Lake

Service starts at 9:45 Sunday.
Choir from E Free Church Steinbach. It's worth the trip.
Rev George Bell will be speaking next Sunday. Pastor Brian Hamilton will be in Nova Scotia at his aunt's 98 birthday party next Sunday.
Choir. How marvelous how wonderful is my Savior's love for me. WOW!
My faith has found a resting place. It is enough that Jesus died and that he died for me. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus love. All other ground is sinking sand. There is wonderful power in the blood of the Lamb. I have faith and hope.

Hymn To God be the glory.
Pastor's Prayer: Father we come into your presence. You are the Lord of Lords the Creator of the universe. We sit in awe and wonder that you invite us into your presence. Forgive us for failing you and each other. Allow the spirit to change us into the image of Christ. There are struggles we face. Confusion not knowing where to turn. Let it work out to your glory.
We think of those in Nepal and those in countries torn up in war. The church that is persecuted. Fill them with joy.
Help us. In Jesus name. Amen.
Choir. In Christ alone my hope is found. He is my life. What heights of love what depths of peace. I am His and He is mine. No guilt. No fear of death. In Christ alone I stand.

Pastor Brian wants that song to be sung at his funeral.

Ascension Sunday.
The Uniqueness of Christ. Luke 9.26. He preached this message in the Dominican. A young man came up after and said I disagree with you.
The mount of Transfiguration. Moses and Elijah showed up. Jesus's clothing changed to white as lightening. Moses was buried by God in an unknown grave. He did not die of old age. Elijah was snatched up to heaven in a whirlwind. After having been dead for 1500 years suddenly Moses shows up. The law of Moses pointed to Christ. Elijah was the first prophet of the gospel. They said to the disciples: This is the one we pointed to years ago. They discussed Jesus's departure from this earth. When Jesus was taken up into heaven there were 2 men telling the disciples why are you looking up into heaven?
In Revelation 2 men show up. Elijah prophecied to stop the rain. Moses turned water into blood. They will do it again at the end of days.

When the disciples recovered from the shock they wanted to build 3 booths. A Jesus booth, Elijah booth, and a Moses booth.
Jesus is absolutely unique. Not just your truth. He is THE absolute truth. He is the only way to God. That has led to so much persecution. Is that arrogance? Jesus is who he said he is our else a liar and a fraud.
Jesus is The TRUTH. Salvation is found in no one else. Other religions can give a sense of security. Only Jesus can save.
On the mountain God said: Jesus is my son. Listen to him!
Is Jesus God? Or just another prophet? A channel of divine power?
Christ is unique and Moses and Elijah testified to that. Isaiah gave a graphic description of Jesus's death long before crucifixion was even invented. Psalm 22 Jesus declared it fulfilled when he died. It was written 1000 years before it happened.
Revelation 11.15. The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of Christ and He will reign forever and ever.
Jesus appears in Revelation over and over. All of history will wind down at the feet of Jesus. He is the focus of history. Jesus is unique. There is no parallel. No competitor. Jesus alone can reconcile us to God.
Do you know this Jesus? There is no other ultimate truth. It is Christ or nothing!
Prayer. Only you Jesus can give us life. Give us life-changing confidence.

Choir: Amazing Grace how sweet the sound. I once was lost but now I'm found. Was blind but now I see. How precious did that Grace appear. Through many dangers toils and snares Grace has led me through.
When we've been there 10,000 years bright shining as the sun we've no less days to sing God's praise than when we first begun.

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