Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chapel at Providence

Elisha Director of student development
Psalm where do I look for help?  hills? The God of Jacob is our fortress

Jeremiah 1:1-10 build and plant
Romans 8:28-30

David Johnson
We know God works for the good
God spoke through Jeremiah and he reflects on what God said. Hopefully you all will do the same. He was the weeping prophet. He changed his world. 
God makes the first step in the dance of life. 
God has a purpose. He calls us.
God works things together. 

Our sufferings can't be compared. God turns them to good.
Was sharing the faith on campus every day. Lost the Student Card. How God could you let it happen? Even the things we do wrong God works for good. 
Study the Greek word. God is working to conform us to the image of Christ. Taking the initiative. 
Reflect on what God has done. Suffering. Parents. College. Marriage. 
Seminary. And suffer. Miscarriages. Suffering as a pastor. Free lodging and enough to pay for food. 25 people. Barb said why do we stay? Then to doctoral studies. Then professor and Dean, Provost, President. 59 years of preparation. Suffering. We want to run from it. But God uses that. 
In the midst of our suffering God is at work. For His glory and ours. We are the objects of His glory. 

God is working on the nations. How does God do that? He can and he does. 

God is calling us to glorify Him. From your mother's womb to today.

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