Sunday, March 05, 2017

Family Fortune not money

Church of the Rock

Babies come without instructions
They come unassembled
They are not returnable 

3. Develop a family vision
Without a vision they perish
Isaiah 65:23
Kids are to be a blessing
Their work won't be wasted, and their children won't die of dreadful diseases. I will bless their children and their grandchildren.
Isaiah 65:23 CEVDCUS06
The Prodigal son - 60% will come back by the time they are 35
Train up initiate the kids on the path. Like training them to ride the bike. Point them run alongside and then let them go. 

The Jewish people are still succeeding. 2% of the population but a large % of leadership. 
WASP culture is in decline. It's all about parenting. New book. The Triple Package. Parenting allows certain groups to succeed. 
1. Confidence God's Chosen Superiority Exceptional Blessed. Believe it humbly. 1958 Francis Tarkenton grabbed the ball and ran with it. He has all the records. He's the greatest quarterback.

2. Humility Insecurity. Work harder. Jews have been the most persecuted and they work extra hard. They earn merit. Tell them they need to work hard or they'll be bums on the street. Mini succor is to blame. No keeping score. All winners. No. That doesn't work. A little insecurity won't hurt you. God picked Moses the looser. Thinking of yourself less. Grab a bucket and clean the windows. 

3. Impulse control self discipline. Hard to teach. God said don't eat from that tree. They did. 
Lines in the sand don't work. 10 commandments are restrictive? They are sign posts on the side of the wide road. Not restrictive. 
Don't box them in. 
Dad had a few rules. No long hair. Argued about it. March 4, 1966 the biggest snow storms. 1996 we jumped off the roof with the kids. 
We have to run alongside

4. Stay vigilant all your life. Moses got corrected at over 80 years old. 93 year old mother kept praying for her 73 year old daughter till she finally accepted Christ. 

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