Sunday, December 03, 2017

Baptismal Sunday

Grew up in a Christian home
Grade 8 great grandma died the best person in my life. Go say good bye. The most beautiful goodbye. 
One day all my friends rejected me at school.
Gr 11 accident 2.5 years head trauma. Lost freedom. Play no soccer. Go worker said there is nothing in you to love. Got very depressed until a boy came to talk and helped her overcome her depression. Johnnie has been a huge help. Thank you. 
never went to church until I got invited to Youth Group. The song Never Alone made a huge impact and changed my life. Turned anxiety time into prayer time.

grew up in CFS care. After age 18 was homeless,  trafficked and addicted. Saw a Bible and came to God while locked in the trafficked room. We do not belong to the night. Let us be sober. Has 4 daughters. Getting the youngest one back. Want everything to be new. 

was baptised in 82 married in 83. Moved to Canada with 3 children. In 99 rededicated  through an Alpha course. When God calls I obey.
Henry born in Paraguay went to church. Dad prayed with me. Always close to dad. 
Liked the teaching. Steve led with my favorite song.

This is the 1st Sunday of Advent. 
Have you ever been in total darkness? I was in a windowless basement when the power went off. 
John said in Christ we have light. 
We are made into a disciple of Jesus. 
Jesus gave us hope to spend eternity with him. We are on a journey. 
Come to Jesus today. Come sit at the front for prayer. 

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