Friday, February 09, 2018

Eldon Plett Funeral

Eldon impacted many. 
Psalm 91
2 Corinthians comfort consolation may God bless you. 

127 Amazing Grace how sweet the sound

Thank you for giving to the Lord. Eldon did that. 

Thank You
I dreamed I went to heaven
You were there with me
We walked along the streets of gold
Beside the crystal sea
We heard the angels singing
Then someone called your name
You turned and saw a young man
He was smiling as he came
He said friend, you may not know me now
But then he said but wait
You used to teach my Sunday school
When I was only eight
Every week you would say a prayer
Before the class would start
One morning when you said that prayer
I asked Jesus in my heart
Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am a life that was changed
Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am so glad you gave
Kelvin Plett, brother, read the obituary
In my Father's house
Grade 12 graduation with Flora
He enjoyed studies. Enrolled in medical school. 
Got an electrical degree and Red Seal designation. 
Aurora Electrical Solutions he really enjoyed. 
Tuesday he had lunch and got accidentally gassed. 
He produced videos. He helped others in their studies. 
Eldon called Glenn sharing Bible verses with him. 
He taught Adult Sunday School.
LBE appreciated his electrical skills. 
He was a man of prayer. 
Michael Smith of Aurora said he was a hard worker. 
Saturday Eldon came to men's prayer breakfast. He was in the choir on Sunday to sing:

Once a sinner far from Jesus,
I was perishing with cold,
But the blessèd Savior heard me when I cried;
Then He threw His robe around me,
And He led me to His fold,
And I'm living on the hallelujah side.

Oh, glory be to Jesus, let the hallelujahs roll;
Help me ring the Savior's praises far and wide,
For I've opened up tow'rd heaven
All the windows of my soul,
And I'm living on the hallelujah side.

In loving memory of Eldon.  How we can we receive comfort?

When Jesus comes in there is unspeakable comfort. The physical presence of Jesus would have prevented Eldon from dying. 

Jesus had deep compassion for the sisters of Lazarus. 

Jesus gave a promise. Brother will rise again. Jesus said I am the resurrection. Everyone who believes in me will never die. 

Jesus is not A Way. He is THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. 

Have you come to this assurance?

Jesus you are all I need. 

Take away the stone said Jesus. If you believe you will see the glory of God. 

Every day 500 people get cancer. 

If you believe you will see the glory of God. 

We will see him.

After she said this, she went back home. She called her sister Mary to one side to talk to her. "The Teacher is here," Martha said. "He is asking for you."
John 11:28 NIRV
Jesus is asking for you. 
We prayed together. That made my day. 
Have you repented? 
Eldon wanted to do things right. 
He was smart. A+ in university in every course except 1 with an A.
We had communion and we hugged. 

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