Tuesday, December 31, 2019

First things first

Mobilize to gospel conversations
Book Tactics by Greg Koukl

Perspectives cards are a great tool for gospel conversation
Met an agnostic who believed in evolution. Morality - would Nazi morality be ok if they had won the war? 
Be prepared for the questions you are asked. Agitated response is ok as long as you are faithful.
Apologetics to make a defense. To show the gospel message is true. 
It's not about
Winning arguments
Showing you are smart
Making others feel dumb
1 Peter 3.15
But set Christ apart as Lord in your hearts and always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you possess.
1 Peter 3:15 NET

Preparation requires the right tools. Scripture 
Acts 17
Muslim apologetics
Scientific - 
Cultural - how does Christianity
Tailored to the audience

Become lifelong learners to share your faith

Jesus is asked 183 questions and he answered with 307 questions to answer their questions

Columbo is a detective that pretends to be not smart. Socratic irony

Burden of proof
If you make a claim you are responsible to prove
Hold them to gentle scrutiny
What do you mean by that? How can you prove that? 

Lead the way
Start with common ground. 

Innocent as doves
Emphasize the respect that you have for them
Have you considered?

Narrate debate

What do you mean by that?

Arguments that commit suicide
All truth is subjective can't be true

Taking the roof off
Morality that leads to absurd conclusions

Stop and ask to respond. If not possible to stop say goodbye 

Rhodes Scholar
Ask for evidence and merits. 
Science doesn't say anything. 80% of biological studies can't be replicated. 

Just the Facts
Be aware of falsified arguments. There are so many. Be able to say no. The Bible is not a translation. Hebrew Aramaic Greek. 1000s of ancient manuscripts

More sweat. Less blood
Be ready. Keep it simple. Avoid religious language. Focus on Christian truth. Give reasons. Stay calm. If they want to leave let them. Give them something up read. The ultimate questions of life. 

An Australian man gave gospel tracts all the time. Dozens were saved. 

Be faithful in witnessing. The Bible was organically compiled. Not at the Council of Nicea.

People are asking about the problem of evil. Why is the world so broken? We have the answer. 
We chose the reign of sin. Jesus has created the reign of God. The church is making all things new. 

How do you deal with the agnostics that don't care? Ask them to consider if it's true. People are ok with the contradictions.

Someone that's mad at God needs pastoral care. Remind them that God cares. 

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