Sunday, December 29, 2019

Post Christmas

Vic pastor 

Paul Hantz German pastor
As a boy I fell and stopped breathing. Father did CPR but couldn't revive him. Mom came to help and I'm still here

Are we thanking God for life as a gift from God? Are we ready to be called home? 
God's goal for us is to achieve eternal life. 
Hezekiah the king became ill. He cleaned the temple and defeated the philistines.  He got ill and God sent the prophet to tell him to set his affairs in order. 
A member recently was on her deathbed and had prayed that God would give her a disease that would give her time to set her things in order. He did.

We should be constantly busy setting our affairs in order. Forgive others. Forgive to be forgiven. That's not easy. 

2 elderly sisters blamed each others for an accident and have not spoken in 20 years. 

Hezekiah pleaded with God to add 15 years to his life. 

What will 2020 bring? What will I accomplish? 
God is in charge of our lives. Have you thought about what it will be like when your time is up? 
We do many funerals. We ask them on their deathbed. Are you ready? 

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