Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Father's Love

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Hi Martha:
Listen I do not have any words to offer you. I have prayers boy do I have prayers but only God can bring you the comfort and the peace you seek at a time such as this. I had a friend send this to me. A love letter from God. She has found spiritual healing and freedom in Jesus Christ and she wanted to encourage me in my walk. So she sent me a letter from God.

I am now sending it to you and especially I hope you will share it with Renee. He is her Father and He will bring her what she needs to get through this.

I love this song and the thing I love the most is the words "From the moment my life began, You have been Faithful, forever faithful."

God is faithful even when we can't see, even when the tears blind our sight, the pain torments our souls, He is forever faithful. This is my song and my praise to Him.

When you sent your emails awhile back and I was praying for Renee all I could do was sing. I was singing Great is Your Faithfulness over and over again. Now I see why. God is affirming this to me again and again now through someone in Africa who knows not me, nor you, nor your situation or the loss of words of comfort I have felt to bring to you. I wanted again and again to comfort you with God's word yet nothing came. Till today.

So read Your Father's letter of love to you and your family. Please share it with Renee. Please let her know that we care, even though we do not know each other, we grieve as she grieves and laughs when she laughes and dances when she dances and are silent when there are just simply no more words to say or offer.

May God bless His Word for His name's sake. Thank you for the honor in praying for you and your family.
May God hear from heaven and bless you with His peace..................

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