Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Now Martha is flying!

Yesterday they told us they had found an unrelated bone marrow donor that is a 10 out of 10 match! Now they have to check the donor’s health etc, whether, when, he/she would be ready and able to donate. They found a second 8/10 match that might be a fallback donor. The HLA typing results on the cousins are still coming in. It takes about 2 weeks in the lab to do the typing.

Today they did another bone marrow biopsy. Dr Steinherz just called to say that it looked very clear. We just have to keep waiting for her bone marrow to come in. It has not started functioning yet. Renee needed more platelets again today. WBC was 0.4 this morning.

Martha is booked to fly to YWG tomorrow morning. Our 2 beautiful daughters at home need to see their mom once in a while! Martha is coming back Tuesday. I have rebooked my flight to come home on Wednesday of next week.

We had lunch with Andre & Paula Bernard today. They have a business here in NYC, and Andre offered to get tickets for Renee to go to Spamalot. But her counts need to go up first.

So we keep hanging around – stuck in this hospital.

Thanks for praying.

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