Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday morning

Pray for RENEE's counts to go up. Her neutrafils (ANC) are still 0. Her wbc is still at .6 and it is unusual for it to take 3 weeks after end of chemo for counts to go up. At this rate they will have to do a bone marrow aspiration to find out what's going on.

They have doubled her dosage of GCSF in the hope that it will help her counts to come up

Her platelets were down to 6 from 53 earlier and she got another dose of platelets this morning. Renee is feeling fine otherwise. She is on a concoction of antibiotics to keep her from getting infections.

Renee enjoys reading and watching movies. Last night we watched Waterboy.

Martha and I plan to go to the Brooklyn Tabernacle this morning. Renee appreciates your prayers and phone calls at 646-785-4343

Martha had a bone marrow aspiration this week. She found it less painful than the dentist.

We read and struggle through these difficultiies. We struggle with casting our cares on Him who cares for us. Our biggest battle is to be able to simply rest in God's love. To allow him to carry us through these sands of time. To remember that our duty is to glorify God in everything.
Raymond Dueck

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