Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Time to fly again!

Renee and Martha are packing in preparation for the 8 am flight tomorrow morning. They managed to connect all the way home on Friday of last week. We had a wonderful weekend with all of us at the Thanksgiving dinner table. See the picture on our blog.

Renee and Martha spent a great deal of time with the Manitoba hospitals again, trying to get platelets. Saturday was an all day platelet event, getting home at 10 pm. Yesterday was an all day trying to get more platelets, with many phone calls to New York to help convince the reticent health workers here that she needed platelets. She finally got an appointment for more platelets at 3 pm today.

Friday Renee needs to get another bone marrow aspiration. That's all we know at this time. I'm planning on a trip to NYC next week. Thanks for your prayers and support.

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