Saturday, October 22, 2005


I'm off to NYC again. Rented a car to drive to Lititz PA to see some friends and cousins tomorrow. Got delayed in TO. Have time to write a bit but will get to Lititz late. Got to be back in NYC Monday for appointment. Could go somewhere Tuesday. Any ideas? I'm booked to fly home to YWG Wednesday.

Would be nice to get some visitors in NY. We still have some airline points left for free (almost) flights. Teresa is coming next week!!!!!

Pray that we would not lose heart. The waiting is waiting. Counts are slow in coming up. Now they are talking about more chemo for Renee. No fun. Wait till the counts return to normal. Don't know if or when there will be a transplant.

We are probably stuck in New York till January so you can send mail. We'll get it. I got a phone for Renee so you could call her daily at 646-785-4343. She tells me not to say please do, or to beg for phone calls, so I won't.

Do I sound garbled? OK. I quit.
Raymond from Toronto

Send snail mail to Duecks 200 E 72nd Street - Apt 23c, NY, NY 10021

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