Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas at home!

We had a wonderful Christmas at home! Renee and Martha made it home on Friday Dec 23 as booked. The connection in Minneapolis was tight and Renee was too weak to walk that distance from gate to gate. They had a golf cart waiting for them when they got off the plane. That took them as far as the cart could go. From there they had a courtesy wheel chair to take Renee to the gate. They made it just in time but Martha found it quite stressful.

Justin was waiting to meet them when they got home. We went to our church Christmas eve service (1st one of 6). After church we had our traditional Christmas cheese fondue, followed by a chocolate fondue and gift exchange.

On Christmas eve day we went to the Duecks for the family Christmas and ate too much. On Sunday we had the Reimer family Christmas and ate too much again.

Boxing day means shopping, so we did a bit of that. Tuesday Renee went to see our family doctor, and we stopped at the Manitoba legislature to see Alayna in the Manitoba Youth Parliament.

Today, Karalee travels to Egypt, via New York, meeting Auntie Rose and cousin Amber in London, for the flight to Cairo. That should be fun and educational for her!

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