Sunday, December 18, 2005

Renee in Washington DC

What a lazy relaxing day! Martha and I went to church this morning for worship and a reminder that God so loved us that He gave His only son to die for us. Met our new friends Chris and Sau-Mei Jim. Went home to mushroom soup for lunch. Renee is doing her nails. She says they will start to look good soon!

Thursday afternoon we drove to Washington. That was supposed to be a 4 hr drive – it took more like 6 hours. Derek and friends were waiting for us at the hotel. They took us to the nice house in Georgetown where the rest of the Wave team was already assembled. See the pictures at Kodak.

Friday, Martha and I did some shopping in Georgetown, and then we joined the Wave for supper at ESPN Zone restaurant. Saturday we did some more shopping and got home to 200 e 72nd by 10pm.

My flight leaves LaGuardia at 6:20 am tomorrow, arriving in Winnipeg by 10:32 am

Renee has several appointments on Monday, including a bone marrow aspirate. She’ll find out later this week when she has to come back for her next checkup, and whether or not they will consider her cured.

Seems like I have developed some serious pain in my legs, making it almost impossible to walk. Hopefully, that too, will pass.

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