Monday, December 12, 2005

Quality Health Care

Sorry about offending you about the Canadian health care situation. I know that in many cases the health care in Canada is OK to occasionally excellent, especially in emergency situations.

Unfortunately, the money that is wasted in Canada’s health care system could be used to provide world class care if Canadians would smarten up and elect politicians with a real commitment to make it work, as opposed to electing ideologues hanging unto a system that has been proven not to work. The horror stories of the deficiencies of the US has system have been greatly exaggerated in Canada. US doctors would rather provide free care than shoddy care or no care. We will know we have top notch care in Canada when US citizens come here for health care.

A cousin of mine had a growth in his eye. Instead of dealing with it immediately, the Winnipeg doctors waited 6 (8?) months for a scan. By that time the growth had spread from his eye to the waist. It took 12 doctors 14 hours to remove the tumor. Had they dealt with it right away, it would have taken 2 doctors 2 hours and a dozen other people could have been helped at the same time.

We have heard many similar stories in the last few months. Untold numbers of ordinary Canadians are scraping up their savings and heading to the US for the care they have paid for many times over, with high taxes and government waste and corruption.

I know nothing about your condition. I did a search on the internet and came up with 100s of links. One of the things we have heard over and over is that we as parents must take the health care of our family into our own hands and hold the health care providers responsible for quality care. That includes the US ones.

If yours is a unique condition, then US health researchers would be only too glad to provide you with the latest assistance at no charge. It might mean some research, phone calls etc.

In Renee’s case, she had a bone marrow transplant as a baby in New York, with most of the costs covered by Manitoba Health. Most of her costs now are covered by BC health. Our costs are travel and accommodation. Quite a few of our trips have been covered by the accumulated air miles.

I pray that you will find the right health care for your son. If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.


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