Sunday, July 11, 2010

Falcon Lake All People's Church

My high school sweetheart, Martha and I have now been happily married for 39 years!

9:45 am Music by Jack Stenekes Janz Team Teach Beyond Ministries
"Marvin Thiessen passed away Friday afternoon"

Pastor Brian Hamilton
Acts 10 - Philip got into the eunuch's carriage and explained "the good news about Jesus".
We worship the glorious creator. Father, forgive us when we fail you.
Thankyou that the gospel is strong. May God bless every one. May God be with the persecuted Christians today. Be with all lawmakers every where. May all seekers find hope and restoration.

Stenekes Music: Just a Closer Walk. CDs for sale

Pastor Brian Hamilton message:
Communion Remember what Jesus has done.

Signs Of Sovereignty.

Linda likes to have her picture taken in front of signs. People are wearing orange today in support of the Netherlands's team
Phillip was a popular preacher in Samaria and a lot of people were coming to Christ. Then God told him to go to a deserted highway a long way away. Phillip did not ask why but went. If God is sovereign we will do. Fran Funk makes it a point of asking God where she should sit to have opportunity to talk to someone about Christ.
Phillip listened. He saw the wealthy entourage on the road. The Queen's advisor had purchased an expensive scroll and was reading it. Phillip was there at just the right moment when he was reading about the suffering servant. When Phillip explained the passage the eunuch accepted the Message and millions became Christians in Ethiopia.
Christ has no hands but yours. That's how others are touched by the love of Christ.
God may lead you into the lives of one person after another. What lives have I been able to touch through the power of the Spirit?
Oh that others too may be touched by Christ.

Bruce Reimer died in a baler yesterday. Funeral Wednesday

Pastor Brian & Linda are taking blankets to Cuba. Looking for donations.

Next Sunday will feature the Braeside Keenagers music

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