Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Life of Joseph: Remembered and Promoted

Bad things happen to good people in the Bible. Seldom does the Bible say why.

Dealing with people can be difficult. You get viruses in the public places.
Joseph remained faithful no matter how bad things got. We often determine our success and failure by how people respond to us.
We often do things to get the maximum response from others.
We hear a lot about the demise of the church. We talk about how we can make our church more attractive, a destination. We are called to be active in our community. Go to church? to a building? We are called to BE the church.
Are there things you are not doing? You should do?
God's Call
1. Patience in the face of suffering. Gen 40:14 Please remember me. Live in the certainty of God, gain endurance to be molded into what God wants you to be. Keep treading water - you can swim. Col 1:11 Be prepared to endure.
2. Loyalty- Prov 3:3 God has loyalty to his people. He will work out his purposes in us. Sometimes we struggle with the Sunday- Monday disconnect. No one has patience for two-facedness. Joseph has the same purpose no matter what. He was authentic.
3. Honesty- Joseph was called to stand in the presence of the most powerful man on earth Gen 41:25 but Joseph was honest about the bad news that he had to bring.
The man at the temple was healed in the name of Jesus. The leaders threatened Peter & John in Acts 4:19 but they responded by "we cannot quit talking about Jesus".

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