Sunday, December 26, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Start Today

Greg Armstrong -how now shall we live?
If I have experienced that God the Savior of the world came for me, my world should be a different place.
An elderly woman is taking care of her great grandsons. She asked for a Christmas hamper. The boys lost their parents in a car accident last year.

Artaban the Magi stopped to help an injured man. He missed the visit to the Christ child. He saved a baby in Bethlehem with one of his gifts. He paid the ransom to save a Christian woman from slavery.
Then he saw 3 Crosses and recognized the King of Kings. Jesus reminded him that his good deeds were done for Jesus.
Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Oh praise Him.
An old song says: Jesus Jesus Jesus There is Something about that name. If you don't know him start asking how to get to know him better. ''Pay It Forward" has a good story even though the movie is not all good.
Think of an idea that will introduce Christ's hope to another person and put it into action!
Go from here and see the face of God in everything.

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