Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Growing Branch: A Renewed Hope
Allan Bartel passed away a few days ago. Pray for Ron & Val Woods
Join us for Christmas eve services 3:30 5:30 6:30
Next Sunday Service 10am only

Dave Ens - Adult Ministries Pastor:
Next week is Christmas.
A little branch- Isaiah talks about hope. How can we be bringers of hope? To be part of helping the Burmese grow in hope & faith. Christmas changes everything. Jesus came to save and change for all time. It should be Normal for us to be Zealous Passionate about Jesus all year. If you are zealous about something you will be prepared to go to great lengths. When you walk into the mall you "feel the zeal" of shopping. Where your Zeal is that's where your heart's treasure is. What if our focus on Christmas day was to celebrate what change God has brought info our lives?
Isaiah 9:2-9 the Zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish the passion God has for us. God put a star in the sky and sent angels to burst unto the scene. The darkness of this world cannot prevent Gods light from changing this world. Changing human history.
If we lived a life of Zeal what would it look like? Not like the Pharisees who ignored Justice Mercy and Faith.
It's not about following rules. Not about abolishing fun. What does God want to do in your life?
God will give you an understanding heart. Transformed. God is Zealous for you. Why? Some day we will understand. If God was about rules He would not have come as a baby.

Not external holiness so much as a heart transformation. Growth and reliance on God. Integrity in and out. God knows our heart.
God can change you. Matth 23:27-28. Pharisees were all about showing by the rules that they were very religious Jews. White washed comfort. A culture of sameness.
God will fill us with life. Radical obedience to God will change us. Will you be changed by Christmas?
Cardboard testimonies. What was I? Who am I now? Are there still lives that are being changed? The email response to this was overwhelming. So moved by the transformation people shared. As long as we cover up our brokeness God's light can't shine on us.
What would your card say? Slave to empire building? Bulemia? Insignificant? Confused? Depressed? Never good enough? Slave to alcohol? Lost father? Worldly success? Looking for change? Drugs? Porn? Unfaithful? Unloved? Abused?

May this Christmas change you!

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