Sunday, December 12, 2010

When Hope Draws Near

Announcement: On Jan 9 join 30,000 others at MTS Centre for a city wide church service
Dave and Louise Sinclair-Peters
They have been missionaries in Thailand for 10 years. They are working with Burmese people in northern Thailand. Not sure what it would be like for the kids to grow up in 30 degree heavy traffic driving bikes. Daughter broke her foot in the bike wheel.
All that stress becomes normal after a while. An elephant on the street has become a normal nuisance.
Often things become normal that should not. Daughter said: Comfort and security in Canada is overrated.
We want kids to be nice and safe. Jesus wants our kids to be willing to face danger and change the world.
We've been chased out of factories trying to bring hope to the Burmese.
Louise was invited into a factory, met a leader there and got to know his family. The wife had been trafficked to Thailand and abused for years. When she become a Christian she started talking to her husband. Soon they were studying the Bible. Louise gave him a guitar and he learned to sing worship songs. He is now free from the prison of darkness and now leads a church.
Life would be boring in Canada compared to life in Thailand. To reach out to our neighbours not staying in our safe place. Bring hope and healing to others.
Do we believe that God's hope is greater than our fears? The power to change.
We ask the Holy Spirit to fill us and present ourselves to people.
What can we say to attract people? -tell them about the love of Jesus.
Learn to share the gospel with your neighbors. Be dangerous this Christmas.
We want to raise $30,000 this Christmas to help bring the hope and joy of Jesus to Thailand.

That may mean that we will need to live and give dangerously.

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