Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beautiful But Broken
Bruxy Cavey #TMHWhoAmI

Appetizer: Talking back to the screen
I don't understand what I do
Dawn of the Dead pushed the Passion out of first place.
People talk back to the screen. Scary movies are predicated on people doing stupid things. Viewers talk back to the screen. This is an experience we all relate to. We watch the movies of our lives and we say I should not be doing that. We say we should not be so stupid but do it anyway. We are glorious and gory.
There is something wrong with us.
There is sin in us. How do we respond to the word. What if we call it goosblab. Does that make it better?
Paul said I do the stupid stuff? Which one is the real Paul? The stupid one or the other one?

Genesis we learned we are made to relate reveal reproduce rule. Like God we are created to live as us.
But we Reach rebel retreat ruin and blame
Genesis 3 the serpent was crafty. Satan or the devil was there. Is God really that bad? The tree was a place of choice. Love live or evil. Adam could have said to God your evil snake is talking. Snake and Eve were talking like God wasn't there. There was no evil in the garden. Eve didn't know what evil was. Good for food, attractive, and good for gaining wisdom. So she ate it. And gave some to her husband. He was the quintessential couch potato. They realized they were naked. They covered up their private parts because they were ashamed. People bring shame on themselves.
They are now trying to hide from God.
We can't hide from God. When did nakedness become a category? Did you eat from the tree? The woman YOU made is to blame, he said. Eve says it's the serpent's fault. When Adam sinned, sin entered the world.
Take Out
Restraint is not wrong. Freedom happens when we do the right things. The goldfish restrained in the bowl is happier there than on the floor.
You can't hide from God. Repressed emotions don't heal.
Forgiveness will be the way forward. Every relationship must be bathed in forgiveness. Start by receiving God's forgiveness.

We have an internal serpent. Garden snake meant God gave them a real choice.
Foreknowledge is not fore-causation. My wife will kiss me. I know that but I am not causing her to do it.
Why is the kingdom better than the garden? You know when you have kids they will get hurt. There is something better than the pain.

Parting Shot
God said that the woman's descendant will crush Satan and Satan will bite Adam 2.0 (Jesus) for a restart.

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Never heard the Bible that way before.

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