Sunday, April 21, 2013

Knox Presbyterian Church
Greg Waglund and Anna are moving to Calgary to work at the Mustard Seed.
Rogalski family went to Nicaragua to work with Schoolbox building schools there just outside of Leon. Most children only get to grade five. The volunteers prayed for unity. They found God created a positive attitude.
We pray for our leaders to be kind and merciful to the least among us.
The FIRST PETER PROJECT to memorize the entire book. "Memorization of Scripture," Dallas Willard writes, "is one way of 'taking charge' of the contents of our conscious thoughts, and of the feelings, beliefs, and actions that depend on them."
1Peter 2.1,3
Paul Johansen
Craving Nourishment In an Underresourced World
Christians were like hopeful aliens. Peter talked about change though spiritual nourishment. Internet has miles of Christian resources.

Questions. What do you crave? What are you trusting? We have a story about Peter that might help us understand his book.
He has great gifts and we can learn from him even though he didn't always get things right. At one point he rebuked Jesus and at other times he says the right things but gets things wrong.
We understand his foibles.
In his book he maybe showed he had learned a thing or two. Open your eyes and ears. CRAVE the WORD. Go deep with God. God chooses to call his followers friends. Rid yourselves of malice the desire to harm people. Deceptive actions and words.
Grow into your salvation. Christians expect slander. The scriptures are sweeter than honey.
There are all kinds of resources that help Christians grow. Ancient meditations are coming back. Seeking The Face of God. A book you should read.
Memorization of Scripture is a wonderful way to open up hearts to the will of God. The more you memorize the more you'll want to.
Kate is an artist. She painted herself with a milk mustache. Grow.
The church can't be concerned about growth unless it is concerned about personal growth. The love language of Jesus and forgiveness.
When you dig into the Word you will understand how deeply you are loved. As you dig into the Word you'll start to pray more deeply.
Guide me, Oh Thou Great Jehovah
Seek Ye First the kingdom of God

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