Sunday, July 05, 2015

All People's Church notes

Cornie "Elvis" Rempel and sisters music for a full house today. 200
Fundraiser golf tournament coming up.
Kids Camp August 10-14 needs Nordic decorations and volunteers.
July 26 missions Sunday focus on Cuba and D.R. to buy sheep and goats.

Pastor Brian Hamilton:
Pastoral prayer
Thank you Father for being our awesome God. We can depend on you to sustain us and forgive us for all the ways we fail you. Thank you for calling us back to fellowship with you in Jesus. So often we become petty and angry. We lift up our health concerns. We look for wisdom. Thank you that we live in a free country. We pray for those who are being persecuted. Give them joy and trust in you.
We pray for the fall election that those who are elected that they will honour you.
We pray for Christians everywhere that they would have the courage to invite others to you.

Elvis. Gospel music was a big part of his life. All his backup singers had to be ready at an time to sing with him.
There's a sweet sweet spirit in this place. I know this is the presence of the Lord. Sweet Holy Spirit. Stay right here with us filling us with your love.
Elvis we love you.
When the storms of life are raging stand by me.

We want to be within the circle of God's grace
Psalm 39
Where can I flee from your Spirit? Even the darkness is as light to You. You made me in that secret place.
Preached this at the funeral of the 11 year old friend of my daughter.
Does God have a plan for me? Or is it all the luck of the draw?
We need to work with the hand we have?
We are always looking for answers. 80% of north American newspapers carry the astrology charts and people make decisions based on that.
We live in a misty morning and by noon it is burned off.
Lord you have examined my heart. You know me. You direct me. You have a plan for me. Before I was born you had a plan for me. I was not a surprise. Not a mistake. No one is a mistake. God didn't say where did that one come from?
Your life has purpose. God wants to guide and direct you. How do I know the will of God in my life? How can I discover it? Will God write it in the snow?
Don't ask for me? Ask what is the will of God for the world. How can I be an expression of God in the world?
What has God been doing and what will he continue to do in this world. God created you because He has things to do that you and I can be part of. God has a plan. How can I be part of that?
The body of Christ has many parts. Every single part of the body is important. Where do I fit?
Story of St Benedict. When the monastery was built he asked different people what they were doing. 3 of the workers talked about the jobs they were doing. The 4th said I'm building a cathedral while digging in the dirt. He had the vision.
We are not pawns on the big board. We are loved. It is out of that love that I can say I'm building the cathedral of God. It has nothing to do with whether I feel fulfilled or not.
God knows what He is doing. We are objects of His love and subjects of the King Jesus. We need to be in submission to his Lordship. So our lives might be blessed by Him. We tend not to want Him to be or master. The rich young ruler was unwilling to be fully committed to Jesus. No one can serve 2 masters. Get rid of your old master. Jesus did not negotiate with the rich guy.
He wanted a perfect life without giving up any of his earthly benefits.
We can trust him because He loves us.

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