Sunday, July 19, 2015

Unforgettable Mountains Worship
Lori Thomas is up in Midway Bible Camp

Children's feature
What can a fire do?
Keep us warm help us cook.
How to put the fire out. Put water on it.
Elijah the prophet 1 Kings 18:17-46
Elijah only listened to messages from the one true God. 850 prophets worshipped Baal. They all went to the top of the mountain and made their offerings. Elijah challenged the real God to set the offering on fire. Baal couldn't. Elijah's God could even after the offering was soaked in water.

Mark Enns
The greatest injustice today is not worshipping Jesus in righteousness.
God walks up to any situation to overcome every evil thing. God challenged the whole world and sent Jesus to lift us from the deepest pit.
Lord send me. You will meet the challenge.
We can't stand up to Satan on our own. He'll screw up everything he can.
Peter my friend tried to annoy me. When I tried get back at him he shook his finger and said no.
Is Jesus good news or good history? Both.
When you preach the gospel the gospel happens. Mark 16.
Are we afraid to talk about Jesus? We are called to be bold witnesses. Reinhard Bonnke preached in Botswana.  He has totally dedicated himself to soul-winning for 50 years now. He has a laser-sharp focus on winning souls. Through his ministry, Christ for All Nations, over 73 million people have made registered decisions to follow Jesus Christ. 
When he started only one church was willing to support him. God told him to rent the stadium. 100 people showed up. 1 person was healed during the service. If you preach Jesus healing will happen.
Isaiah. Jesus was unjustly condemned and led away to be killed. It was God's plan. Jesus now needs to be glorified. He needs to be honoured. He deserves all the glory.
2 Timothy 2:9 the word of God cannot be changed.
We will live with him.
If we know Jesus, our appropriate response is to honour Jesus. Whatever job you have talk about Jesus. The needs to be #1. If it is your workplace will change.

I will stand up to the greatest injustice and teach others to honour Jesus.
God is in the business of restoration.

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