Friday, September 08, 2017

Conservative Breakfast

Cathy Cox
Harold Albrecht Kitchener-Waterloo Conestoga 
Karen Veccio Elgin London
John Brassard Barrie
James Bezan Interlake MP 5X

Harold EDA is so important. Constituency work is so what we do every day
Human life. Suicide prevention. Palliative care. Pro life

Karen. Worked for MP Joe. Understand personal life issues
Shadow minister Family Services
Walked in pride parades. Inclusive party. Mother of 5. Cut the bull. 

John. Barrie ON. Son at Vancouver Canucks knows lots of hockey players. Worked at Brandon. 
Deputy Whip in Parliament
Andrew is doing a great job. Unified. Focused. Share the message with your friends. Canadians are starting to smell the rats. Be a good team player. 

James Bezan buddy MP
We have a complete disaster MP that was unceremoniously dumped from cabinet. She called Chief Peguis an immigrant. 
Facebook is the news media. Use it. 
JT is sliding all kinds of bad stuff. Payment to terrorists. Stop the evil tax grab. 
Opposition sucks. We need 15 seats. We need your teams to go door to door. 
Halifax policy convention is coming up.

Q&A tax argument
There is a record tax flow. Class warfare. Fair taxation for everyone. Reduce government costs. 
Money is portable. 
JT is committed to force this. Working with the Senators. We have all kinds of tools. We filed a dissenting report on suicide. 
Carbon tax? How do we compete? We produce 1% of world carbon. Stop it. It's a regressive tax grab. We'll stand against it against the bullies. 

Phoenix payroll is still a problem. Government employees are having problems. 

Rick Doerksen supply management? It does not increase cost of food. USA milk and cheese is more expensive than Canadian. They have boom and bust cycles where the government buys cows and makes hamburger with tax money. 

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