Sunday, November 25, 2007

What is heaven like?

The Kingdom of Heaven - James Leonard
For Adam and Eve life was perfect. Sin destroyed that.
What kinds of prayers do I pray? Something that has to do with my will - success. Win-win with God. Bargain with "God bless our will." Our plan. So we can feel good about what we want to do. Matth 16:25
If we want the kingdom, we need to deny ourselves. Jesus describes the characteristics of someone who will inherit the kingdom.
Jesus never said receive me into your heart. He said repent and be born again.
Jesus has a new administration. When Jesus takes power over a life there is a complete change.
Our self life is an addiction. We can't put it down. It'll come back.
The only way to get victory is to die to self.
AA is the most successful program. The 1st step is to admit you are powerless.
Henry Cloud comes across 2 different kinds of Christians. 1. Got it all together no problems don't associate with anyone who has problems. Or
2.Those who are ragtag admit they have problems and rely on God for growth.

Abraham was told to leave it all behind. He died to his own problems. God told him he will become the father of many nations. 40 years went by from the promise to the birth of Isaac. He loved his son. His entire future was invested in this boy. Then God tested him. How can you justify the 2? How long could he wait? The next morning he left. God knew what Isaac meant to Abraham. "your only son whom you love" God knew how much Abraham loved Isaac almost to the point of losing love for God.
This was an act of mercy to help Abraham learn to trust God completely. God stops the killing and says "now I know you love me"
God loves us so much he did not hold back his own son from death for our sake.

To experience the kingdom of God is not easy.
Do we want a God we can manage? Buy $3 worth of God. Warm milk. A pound of the eternal in a paper sack. Not someone who will change us

We need complete and utter transformation.

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