Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 19

We started in New Bern NC in a 150 year old Bed & Breakfast and drove thru Chocowinity NC, had lunch at Marbella in Washington NC, the only NC place Renee has on her facebook map.
We drove through Whaleyville VA where they have butterfly banners on the light posts.

When we got to Virginia Beach (Renee had told us it was a waste of time to go there), we bought a light house map and found that the red striped Assateague light house (the one Renee photographed) was 2 hours away over the 17 mile long bridge/tunnel (one of the 7 engineering wonders of the world) across Chesapeake Bay north on Virginia's Eastern shores. We found it on Chincoteague Island, photographed it in the sunset, before going to Don's Seafood for delicious crab imperial stuffed flounder. Pecan Pie finished the meal.

We still aim to get to NYC before the 6pm service at

The greatness of our God is seen, In sky and sea and forest green; And living creatures great and small, Reveal the God who made them all.

We ended up staying the night at with Larry & Susanne Knutson

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