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RIGOLETTO - Can an opera reveal the meaning of life? Dr Timothy Keller
Rigoletto is based on a story by Victor Hugo Le roi s'amuse
The Rigoletto's daughter is taken away by her Duke boyfriend so Rigoletto arranges to pay to murder the boyfriend. When his daughter overhears the plot she walks in to sacrifice herself. When her father discovers that his daughter was struck by the arrow of revenge he says "speak to me beloved daughter."
She responds I'm dying. Give me you blessing. Up there in heaven close to my mother I will pray for you for eternity
Say no more... forgive him... my father... farewell.

Dr Keller
Art stands on it's own. If you can put it into a nutshell, you don't have to write it.
Victor Hugo did a recap of the story.
Rigoletto does 3 things
1. Daughter in the place of God as the only hope
2. Judge in the place of God
3. Inner ring jealousy

1. Daughter in the place of God as the only hope
You can love so much that you smother and kill who you love. If you love your children more than anything in the world you will destroy them. Underdiscipline or overdiscipline.
God must be your hope.

2. Judge in the place of God
He had set her up to fall, his 2nd sin kills her. Payback will recoil. Prov 4:29 don't repay. Ps 7 dig a hole and fall in
In Grimms story of shoemaker and tailor- the evil recoils. It doesn't always happen? It does always in the spirit. Dr Keller has seen men who make all kinds of terrible choices because they have been hurt and become unforgiving. You will lose your treasure and soul if you don't forgive.

3. Envy of the inner ring. Rigoletto hates people that have the power. Inner rings are everywhere
Terror of being on the outside. Virginity is lost to the desire to be in the inner ring.
Ads say buy what the girls "in-the-know" are wearing.
We must conquer the fear of being on the outside. Or you will make lousy choices.
The opposite of a tragedy is victory out of the jaws of defeat.
The Bible talks about the greatest story- the king of the universe became an outsider for you- he takes you to the ultimalte inner ring of Father Son Holy Spirit. Follow him and you will have joy.

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