Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pain and Death

Friday morning Kara's dear friend Katelyn died when her car failed to negotiate a turn in the road. Please pray for her family and loved ones. Her parents are among our best friends. Her funeral is scheduled for Wednesday in Riverton. This is the 3rd trauma for them in the last 3 months.
We are in Ontario and had planned to travel as far as Quebec. We will be returning home Sunday night.
Today it is 5 months since Renee died. We are in Stratford at the Shakespeare Festival. We spent a weekend here with Renee in June '05, 10days before her first disgnosis for AML leukemia.
The pain of searing loss still hits us with giant waves. On Thursday, a week ago, we attended a meeting of Compassionate Friends. It is a support group for parents that have lost children. It is good to be able to share the pain with others without fear of judgement.

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