Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beatitudes: Blessed are the Peacemakers
Matth 5:9 Pastor Delbert Enns
There is such beauty when God's children get together. We are in a safe place.
I need God. When I'm in tune with God's Purpose I will want to be in God's plan and my quality of life will go up.
The 7th Beatitude is different. It asks us to do something. Not just be. Peacemakers love peace so much that they are not afraid to compromise their own peace to help others achieve peace.
Peacemakers are Not synonymous with peaceful people. Not pacifism. Peace-broker.
Augustus Ceasar was called a peace-broker. Military peace.
Jesus' words would have tingled the ears of his listeners.
Eph 2:16 Pure heart peace. Remove hostility from the heart.
NYC church Conference. U. N. has not been able to create ot a single day of world peace.
Luke 2:35 a sword will pierce. Jesus came to reveal the faults in our own hearts. To make peace in own hearts. We are our own greatest enemies. Our idolatry is ourselves. Our selfish desires.
Peace starts in my own heart. You cant manufacture it. We can't be peace brokers unless we have peace in our hearts.
Movie - "Not Easily Broken"
Pride always precedes the conflict in a relationship. She kicked her husband out, then realized she wanted to fight for her marriage.
Blessed are the peace brokers that deal with the pride in our hearts. Then you will be called my children. Complete Surrender. To be a peace broker. Pray. Confess. 1 Jn 1:8-9
Desire to be at peace. Experience the blessing of confession.

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