Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beatitudes: Blessed are the Pure in Heart
Today is Sunday XL Dr Gus Konkel
June 6 another baptism
Next Sunday big volunteer party
God's blessings -taste and see - I am blessed

Dave Ens
Blessings go beyond our things. Many of the people Jesus addressed were not ''blessed" as we usually think of it. The blessing is that Jesus chooses to spend time with us. When I see Him in my life, I am blessed.
The Pure in Heart includes those who remove moral filth from their lives, and those who go deeper. Reality here is that we are not always pure. In Jesus time the heart was considered to be your core, your intellect.
1 Col 2:9 original text has heart as the centre of your intellect.
Pure. When your being leads you purely to God. To will the one thing of walking to God. The heart - the centre of my spiritual being. It needs to be clearly focussed on God.

Power in our lives does not last. Eventually every one loses it.

Ps 51:1-4 10-12 Create in me a clean (pure) heart. A willing spirit. Confession is to take off hypocrisy. Let confession help us move forward in the life God has for us.
Luke 18:12 -
What do you need to shed? What inconsistancies?
May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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