Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blessed Are The Merciful
Pastor Dave Ens
Christ is Risen Indeed. We are now living in the new Kingdom Normal.
Blessed are the losers of society. You will be satisfied.
Blessed are the merciful
Ps 103:1-12 In Easter this psalm is brought to life. He sets us free because he is a merciful God. Sin no longer has the final say.
Grace - undeserved -given to me -could not be earned.
Mercy - always deals with what the results of sin are - helping those who are suffering.
Keep Jesus at the centre of our definition of Mercy. Heb 2:14-18 Jesus suffered for us so he can help the tested. He came in flesh and blood so he could be is our midst. That's so overwhelming that the creator of the universe would do that.
When our father died, we suffered the pain of loss. Someone said, this is good, it will help you in the ministry. Inappropriate as that comment was, there is truth.
Jesus knows how we feel. He knows every pain.
Mercy - What does it look like? At Hamstead school breakfast program? Started by Greg Armstrong. What does the principal say? 180 students. 80% low income homes. How do we level the playing field? The program is making a big difference. The kids are developing positive relationships with adults and each other. The teachers give fewer "office referrals" The kids are happier. A goal was to have 90% of the students present 90% of the time. That is now happening. The kids are now achieving average academic standards.
Kingdom mercies are making a big difference. Then Dolsom Donwood. Now 22 churches are involved.
It costs $3000 a year. Volunteers are the hardest to get. 3 mornings a week. 2hrs one day a week is what we need. To know there are that many churches involved -Thank you God.
Jesus' first act after the resurection was to make breakfast. What a ministry!
When we look at Christ, his Mercy was extravagant and tangible for everyone.
What does it mean for me to be merciful?

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