Sunday, June 13, 2010


Recap from last Sunday.
Timothy was tempted to go AWOL.
7 ways to grow your faith.
God's perspective to right sized faith.
1. Renew refresh the gift v6 fan the flames. Campfires dies out. Keep fanning and putting more fuel on the fire.
2. Know who you are v7. Some people have amnesia and literally forget who they are. "Unknown White Male" has been made into a movie.
Christians sometimes forget who they are in Christ- a wealthy heir of God's kingdom.
When it comes to telling other s God has given yew power.
3. Be Prepared for Rejection. Be ready to suffer. Expect it. Be bold & courageous.
How much are you willing to suffer for Christ? Jail? Lost job? Torture? It will Cost to follow Christ.
4. Be Courageous. v8-10 150,000 Christians die every year for their faith. Do we have that courage? What would a church like that look like?
5. Don't just feel.... Know! v12
6. Hold fast! v13 years ago sailors would tattoo an anchor if they had crossed the Atlantic
they would tattoo HOLD FAST on their knuckles to remind them to hold on in the storm
7. Surround yourself with those who are not ashamed.
Let's get more aggressive in our faith. Let's not forget to invite others to Jesus. We need more room. New service format. Riverwood 9:15 Jubilee 10:15 Riverwood 11:15 to make room for 1,600 each Sunday.
Greatest joy is when some one life far from God- -to bring them to all God has for them. To know Christ.
Not to attract other Christians from existing Churches.
In 2 years want to build a 1,600 seat auditorium
This will cost $75.000 plus time and effort in the first year.
Pray for a divine appointment to share your faith with someone who needs Christ. This week. This month. Jesus loves you like crazy.
Stop being mousy. Be bold courageous.
Be available to God.
If you have a prayer need come up. Let's pray.

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  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Ray and Martha Dueck,
    I am Michelle Dueck of Rudy and Michelle Dueck (same intials). We received a letter this week addressed to a Ray and Martha Dueck from Lovey Isaac of Spirit River, AB. I've tried to google Lovey Isaac with no success. I can mail the letter back to the sender. But are you the Ray and Martha Dueck this person intended the letter to reach by chance?
    Michelle (204) 284-1837