Sunday, June 06, 2010

AWOL Christians

Pastor Todd Petkau
Timothy is a letter Paul wrote when Paul sensed that Timothy might be thinking of going AWOL.

Paul asked Timothy not to be ashamed.
3 types of shame.
1. Misplaced shame - being outperformed unexpectedly
2. Earned shame - doing OK with secret shame unrevealed and then the sins revealed - being found out.
3. Heaping shame - someone in authority says "you'll never amount to anything" or "Even if your church grows to 2000 God is not in it. You don't hear God for a minute." Pray-God please cover me with the Teflon of your spirit.

Timothy has issues and feels ashamed and many Christians are going AWOL.
Are you bold confident expectant? Or embarrassed hesitant?
Are any of you dealing with shame? Faith draining shame?
Shame is a choice. You can be more than you are now.
The world persecutes Christians- always has. We feel outnumbered.
Reset your perspective. The gosple out performs the world.
7 ways to move to stronger faith. We'd like to be less chicken in sharing our faith. We'd like to bring someone to Christ.

We ran out of time - 7 ways next week.
Pathway to freedom
Own the shame and get forgiveness

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