Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beaver Creek Bible Camp 40th Anniversary

Founded in 1968 by the Interlake EMC churches

Mark Westman got saved when he attended camp here many years ago.

Harry Friesen:
The vision grew out of VBS and Sunday school outreach. Edwin Wright and Harry were the founding members.
The first year's run was renting Fisher Bay Bible Camp in 1968. A Camp Board was formed to plan and search for a site suitable for camp. Milton looked for spot south of Riverton in the Finns, Arnes area. August Singbeil offered a site on his farm. We looked at the present site of the Hecla Resort.
Then Gus Romeniuk made his cottage property available with one building. We acceptod the offer. That made a very busy spring and summer building facilities, clearing trees. Cabins built in Mennville, the chapel was built by Menno Penner in Morweena. We had no grass, one tree fell on Albert's tent but no one was injured.
We were all new to camp Al Hiebert from Red Rock trained and helped establish the camp programs
Uncle Henry from Morweena helped to dynamite the stumps and rocks. Lots of team work. Back then red tape was much less. When we needed more space the Conservation Officers gave permission on the spot.
Menno Penner designed the original logo.
Campers sang heartily without all kinds of instruments.

Roger & Clarice Plett spent many years here at BCBC as camp directors.
Always prayed that campers would see the greatness and goodness of God. One cabin group came back singing in the rain. One camper got stung and went into shock. Henry was here with the proper meds and the camper's life was saved. A part of a tree fell on a camper. God protected him.
Andrew Dueck and Raymond Dueck encouraged me to take the leadership here. Clarice had a prayer network that prayed past 4pm Saturday.
LDC (Leadership development Camp) started at later time. One mother brought her kids thinking it meant Long Distance Commuter.
A farmer went out to sow....
Mark Westman came at 8 and later became Camp Director. Daughter Danya led another child to the Lord at age 8. This camp has made a real difference to many people.

Elmer & Danya Zacharias - Camp Director for the last 3 years
Last summer God was very present here. God is in this place
Let there be thankfulness to God. Your behavior should show it. Let your light shine.
This process of walking in the light is a learning process. You can't shovel darkness out. You can only dispel darkness by bringing in the light.
Pray for transformation of the lives of the campers that are coming this summer. Pray Pray Pray.

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