Sunday, October 10, 2010

Setting Our GPS: Get Going! Pastor Dave Ens

Announcements: 276 Kingsbury Habitat Blitz Saturday all day
7pm Saturday Awards Night recognizing those who fight human trafficking

1sts for October - lawn mowing and bug spray!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Belong & Grow is easy for church members. We do it and may get to feel full. Another sermon?!

Is this all there is?
Word & Deed- being sent or sentness. Do good things. God pours into us and we need to pour into others.
Eph 3:20 - 4:1 you have the power in you! Paul is begging us to live a life worthy. To follow. With our unique gifts.

Moving somewhere. Action - 3 ways of following Jesus.
1. Close behind following
2. Cheering Jesus on but not doing anything.
3. Asking Jesus to follow us. To bless us in our activities.

Following Jesus is about doing what He wants us to do. We will go where Jesus goes. To follow Jesus is to be sent. Missional.
Jn 17:18 As you sent me I send them. In the same way. How was Jesus sent? Luke 8 Jesus and the disciples are on a boat going to "the other side". They met a demon possessed man. In Gentile territory. Tombs and pigs are out of bounds for Jews. Godly people are not expected there. Jesus was sent to the unclean. We are also expected to go into unclean places. Places where God is not expected to be. Is that where you work?

The Community had learned to live with the crazy man in the tombs. We should never learn to live with injustice and human suffering. Not ever be apathetic.

The pigs drowned. Bizarre but even pigs are not outside the Power Of God. Demons know the power of God - do we?

God's power restores society. People experience Community. The crazy man was clothed and in his right mind. v35 they were afraid! We are sometimes scared of the power of God in our lives.

Is it not strange that no one was happy that the crazy man was cured? We only want a manageable amount of God's power.

Luke 8 the man wanted to go with Jesus. To be safe. But Jesus sent him into his Community. Tell every one what Jesus did for you. How your life has now changed.

1. Based on what I know who am I being sent to?
2. With whom?
3. What do I do once I get there?

Pray that you will truly follow Jesus.

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