Sunday, October 31, 2010

Paul travels to Europe

Falcon Lake Church

The Spirit of Jesus prevented Paul numerous times from going where he wanted to. Finally God sent him a vision of the Macedonian Man. That meant going across the mountains.

God plants his church
1. Through God seekers. The first city they come to did not have a synagogue so Paul and company went to the river to find out if there would be a prayer meeting. There was.
2. Through miracles of conversions of the witch
3. Persecution
4. Natural events. An earthquake

God builds his church in various ways.

In DR a lot of people were killed by a demonic monster on a bridge until a group of church leaders had an all night prayer vigil.

3300 people groups have never heard the gospel. God is sending us to those who have never heard.

#456 My Jesus I love You

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