Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mennville EMC

Dwight Plett Pastor
Jesus Cares About Us
Sometimes we can find our gifts by stepping out. Jason and Karen have stepped out to places we could not have imagined.
Jesus calls the Least to work for him. Paul calls himself the Chief Sinner. Paul says he is weak. We are inclined to use our weakness not to serve. But God Calls the weak. Jesus uses us the way He made us.
It costs to follow Jesus. Peter and his Men had been fishing all night. Jesus asked him to go out again. Peter was tired but he went out anyway. They got a bumper catch and then Jesus asked them to follow him. It's not a sacrifice if it costs nothing. Peter's attitude changed instantly. This was not the 1st miracle Peter had seen. His wife's mom had been healed.
Peter's dad now had a good catch to clean and sell.
The choice was between good and better.
2. How can we be sure of Gods calling?
3 . The Call can be a process. Not out of the blue. Jn 1:35 the wine, the temple clearing all came before. They were reluctant followers and were slow in commitment.
If I hear Jesus' voice today, it's likely not the first time. He does not give up until we get the message. He keeps calling.
How do I interpret his call on my life? Some are generous, others faithful, maybe you are seeing a pattern of God given gifts. Maybe you know what God has called you to. Or maybe God is giving you new directions.
Dwight got elected to a leadership team. Slowly God is calling him to take on more leadership.
Karen - God called her to Jordan and step by step he called her to the Leadership.
The disciples made a choice that has blessed us for millenia. It is worth it.
Carl M says if we want to follow Jesus we need to know where He is.
He will guide us as long as we keep listening for further instructions.

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