Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crossing Together: Play the Odds
Skit - If you (mom) can't love me for who I am, how am I supposed to believe God can?

Pastor Delbert Enns:

When a baby has to throw up and he feels better, we compliment him / her. A little later when he does that we ask him "when will you ever grow up?" It's a mixed up world.

We need to build a sustainable model. Play the odds as parents. We have failed to set the measuring tools of success in raising the next generation. Some of us resign too soon. You are never finished being a person of influence for the next generation. Ps 71:18 Oh God, let me proclaim your power to the next generation. Some of you need to step back into the calling God has for you. Children's ministry etc.

Culture says you have to have well rounded happy kids. Is that what employers look for?
Culture says give the kids what they want and you'll get them off your back.

David wanted to raise a new generation that is full of integrity.

There is more to success than happy kids.

The current under 30 generation has 3 major obstacles:
1. Life of entitlement. They have been taught they are always a winner. Everything is achievable. Always the best Johnny. When you can't have it all you question God.
2. You define truth as you see it. You live as though God dos not exist. Truth is defined by your feelings. You think sin is ok because it makes you feel good. When sin catches up to you, you blame God. Jesus is the truth. Get to know him.
3. You delay adulthood. Never make a decision. Move in and out of your parent's house. You don't become an adult till you have your 1st child. That's when life starts.

You are the most cause driven generation in history. You want to make a real difference. You fight for justice.

God believes in you. God chose you. When Jesus died he washed away your sins. You need to believe Jesus. He wants you to be an influence in this world

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