Saturday, November 13, 2010

Carolyn Arends and Amanda Falk Concert

It's me it's me oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer

We came from Saskatoon today. Thanks for throwing a Santa Claus parade for us!
Be still (vacation) and know that I am Lord. There would be a lot less frustration
This is who you are.

Amanda is a multi juno award winner
Beautiful things - Every single star - you are all to me

From the new album:
Look for the Light - in the darkest moments. We can know the one who raises the sun every morning.

This song was inspired while waiting at Toronto airport. This song is a prayer for everyone at the airport. Can you see us? It is hard to breathe down here. The sun will rise again.

Amanda finally wrote a happy love song 4 days after she met Jacob. They are getting married this coming January. Symphony: A girl with dark hair - we will be dancing side by side when the world has lost the ability.

Amanda: Thanks mom & dad for all the years of Royal Conservatory lessons.

Forest fires are sometimes set to create a new more prolific forest. God's restoration makes us better. Unbreakable: I was A seed under a forest that burnt to the ground. Winter covered me. Under ashes. You God are holding me. The world is breaking apart. You are holding my heart. You are unbreakable.

Carolyn was in Thunder Bay with Steve Bell some time ago - going there again tomorrow. Steve Bell's grandma said she was keeping busy memorizing as many songs as possible in preparation for her trip to Glory. She's getting ready for glory. There is one reason why God has us here - we're gettin ready for Glory.

Carolyn & Mark had their 1st baby after 9 years. Ben is now 12. One Valentine's day when he got $5 he said: $5 does not say I love you. But $20 does.

When my room is ready I'll go home. They'll tell me we've been waiting for you.

Babies when they are born are bundles of holiness

Compassion deals with more than one million kids. They partner with churches to establish learning centers where they feed and educate sponsored children. Every day 500 kids are saying "YES!" to Jesus. Children rescued from hopelessness for $41 @ month. Sponsors mean everything to them.
Dance like no one is watching.

Easter is never saying good bye. Jesus is making preparations in the world beyond all time. We never say goodbye.

The Love Was Here First tour.
Boa constrictors don't know they are dead when they get their head chopped off. They thrash around for hours after. Satan had his head chopped off at Calvary he just doesn't know it yet.
Love was here first. The grave came up empty. Love has the last word.

Blues song- you goto rollit- rollit- unto God.

Trevor Dick born in Africa to missionary parents. Plays 5-string S African violin.

Amanda: So glad to be home again. Parents and friends are here. We sang at home and church. She wrote a new worship song: I Will Exalt; Your Presence is the air I breathe. I will exalt you Lord. There is no one like you God.

I wanna be quiet in your arms just like a child.

Carolyn: We don't always get what we want but we get what we need. We are schemers like Jacob the deceiver. You make something out of us. We fall asleep like Peter but you make disciples out of us and turn us into your church. You make children out of sinners.

I know a girl that was schooled in Manhatten. I know a doctor who left his six figure job and works with the poor.

I've got a home I've got a hope I've got a home that is not of this world.

If you are in Ottawa I recommend you go to hear this show. Good humor. Inspirational.
November 21, 2010 - 6:00pm
The Metropolitan Church
2176 Prince of Wales Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 0A1
Telephone: 613-238-8182

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