Sunday, November 28, 2010

CBC Climate Change ''Playing God"

Now the CBC wants to create super trees that will absorb twice as much CO2 and put hundreds of robotic boats on the ocean to blow salt water into the clouds so more sunlight will be deflected to help cool the earth. A volcanic eruption in 1800 cooled the earth so much that all the crops were destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people died of starvation around the world. Geo-engineers would like to create sulfur acid clouds to cool the earth.
In 2001 when the planes were grounded for a few days, scientists said that the earth cooled because planes were not creating vapour trails thereby allowing heat to be reflected from earth's surface into space.
So do clouds cool the earth or heat it?
If we tinker with global climate we will transfer problems to the poorest countries.

Every time there is bit more rain than usual someone blames it on "climate change!"

Supposedly Pakistan is thinking about releasing sulfur acid clouds into the atmosphere to reduce rainfall. That will cause famine in India. They both have nuclear weapons to help convince the other not to/to create "climate change". Next thing you know we have real climate change with radiation floating around the world!

The geo dome scientists proved a few years ago that they had no idea how to balance earth's atmosphere.

Clearly the ''Climate Change" scientists have no idea what they are doing and should all be fired before they destroy this world.

It is well known that the sun's output of heat and ash changes from decade to decade. It is expected that by 2020 the sun will be a lot cooler and we may well be trying to manipulate the "greenhouse" effect to retain more heat on earth.

We have way too many chickens in this world who think "the sky is falling".

All plants absorb CO2 and when there is more CO2 in the air the plants grow faster and in the process release more oxygen. Real greenhouses like to inject CO2 into the greenhouse to make the tomatoes grow faster. Low CO2 means plants don't grow as well, so let's all make as much CO2 as we can! We need to be nice to the plants so we can all have enough food to eat!

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