Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crossing Together: I Believe in YOU Pastor Delbert
We had a busy week with being the Christmas Child Shoe Box central of Winnipeg.

Next Sunday's monthly Fusion service embraces a new worship style.
Jan 9 One Heart Celebration at MTS Centre

1. God loves each of us

After 20 years many churches fade. We want to continue to be relevant to this generation. We need to capture the heart of why we are coming together. We need to help the new generation to be in tune with God's heart. Moses mentored the new leader. Joshua failed to train the new leadership. A generation faded away.

Why am I here? 1989 sold the business after a phone call calling them to set up a radio station in Paraguay. 2 months later the call was off, till the Paraguay group was told no funding without Delbert. while waiting for that project decided to open up Christian bookstores no matter what.
John wrote 3 words that have impacted Delbert more than anything else.

We need to mentor someone. Younger people need to seek out older mentors.
1. Ask questions. the Jailer asked Paul - what must I do to be saved?
What's the best book best advice biggest regret what do you see in me?
2. Learn to listen. Make notes. Books of notes. Put it in practice. Go back to the notes. Phil 4:9
4. Honour your Coach / Mentor wash his car. Rom 12:10
Who wants to become better?
Do you feel intimidated? Have you gone through dark times? You qualify as a life Coach. Tell others how you survived.
Be an example. Titus 2:7
God has called you to be a Paul. A game changer. Commit yourself to tell others your story.
Pray about this. Ask God to guide you. God has given you hope.

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