Sunday, November 28, 2010

HOPE: A Dead Stump, A Fragile Shoot
3 Baptismal Services Next Sunday
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Eastview is raising funds for outreach to the people of Burma in Thailand

Dave Ens Pastor Adult Ministries
Isaiah 11:1-2 The coming of Jesus brings a hope that justice will prevail. The power abusers will become powerless.

Hope changes everything.
We have that little bit of misplaced hope that the Rough Riders have learned to count and that changes everything

4 primary ways to make life right for yourself; 1. right rules 2. Right leaders 3. Right environment 4. Punish evildoers. That does not work.

Isa 61:1-4
Christmas gives us a new way of looking at the future.

Last year we set a budget of $25,000 for forward house on Christmas eve. We raised $40,000

If someone video taped your Christmas Celebration at home, and someone who knew nothing about Christmas, watched it, what would they say?

Are we just looking for comfort? Are we distracting ourselves from. the Hope of Christmas? Ricardo had a hope spoken into his life. "Pu.rsue your dreams." That has been a struggle. Got influenced by people who said money and drugs is everything. Glitz glamour and fun. But it was all stress. Watch your back. Came to Foreward House and got to know God. Baptized at Eastview. Now life has changed. Had to leave behind so many friends. Now see a bright landscape ahead. The evil is now behind me.

God has the new re-defining hope ahead of us. There is always a leaving that has to take place. Leave old thinking. Consumerism?

Christmas is God turning things on their heads

Burma was once a very Christian country but the church has been persecuted almost to extinction. Dave and Louise will be here in the next few weeks (Dec 12). We want to raise funds for their work this Christmas.

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