Thursday, February 10, 2011


We had the Irish Breakfast at Fionn MacCool's at Toronto Pearson. the potatoe pancakes seemed to be 1/2 cooked.

Made it from downtown to the airport in 28 minutes. Very heavy traffic by Manitoba standards. Last night it took 90 minutes from the airport to the hotel. We stayed at Choice Selby on Sherbourne

The new mayor Ford is trying to change City hall to be a fiscally responsible government. (is that an oxymoron?) He is privatizing garbage collection. Will he quit hauling all the garbage to the US for incineration?

My biggest beef - when will governments recognize the cost of using highway #401 as a parking lot for 6 hrs a day? Do the calculation - 300 vehicles per mile ×60 miles ×$100 per hour ×6 hours per day= $10,800,000 per day for 250 days per year = $2,700,000,000 per year cost to the economy. 1/2 of that is tax revenue loss.

How could we get the politicians to sit up and notice? A class action lawsuit? What is your advice?

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