Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ron Pierce MissionFest

Missions is working. The church is growing around the world.

Empower Ministries goes to the hot spots around the world. Gave away 900,000 Bibles. 800 goats. Ethiopian church is being converted. 100,000 Ethiopian pastors have accepted Christ.

Hunger for God is all over the middle east.

The Far East- Acts 8 the good magician- why is the story in the Bible? Simon was constantly amazed. After a while the amazement factor goes away. A Chinese pastor said n-ow they expect a miracle every time they pray for one.
Simon wanted to pay for miracle power. Peter said you have no depth.

Believers in Burma are maturing in their faith quickly and walk with God in depth.


China has 150 Millions of believers. They expect to double in the next few years.

Vietnam has huge church growth. A pastor came to talk to Ron - every one in his region has become Christian. They find the sickest people in the village and pray and God heals them. A very crippled woman was healed in front of all the people of the community.

Burma - 6 months ago - leader of full gospel church - when the earthquake hit. The Christians fed the hungry. 1000's come to Christ. Insein Prison the worst in the world. There are 8 pastors imprisoned there. The military decided to build a church in the prison to thank the Christians. 100s of prisoners have accepted Christ there.

China - they need Bibles in China. There is a huge hunger for Bibles there.
Recently went to the earthquake area. A 23 year old woman started 30 churches. She is hoping to go to Bible School soon. There are 1,000 applicants ahead of her. He gave her 3 boxes of Bibles to distribute.

Pastor David talked to us. In the 9Os he started preaching. The police tied him and beat him every day for 48 days. He was full of pain. He was rearrested and tricked to sign a paper to put him in jail for 2 more years of torture. God healed him and he walked around smiling. He was promoted to the top job in prison. He was released and he and his wife each have 30 churches. She was imprisoned with 30 girls in an 8×8 cell when she was 3 months pregnant. They got beat every day. Other Christian girls protected her. Now they have a healthy son. They have too few people to minister. Doors are wide open. People are hungry for the gospel.

Another pastor was beat up in another prison and released after they broke most of his bones. The guards make sure no one helps him. He lives alone under a tree in excruciating pain. God will heal him. The Holy Spirit is ministering to him.

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